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MythBusters Case#3: How effective is Public Education?

Private education in colonial America produced the highest rates of literacy America has ever known. Nonetheless, the public “common school” was sold to Americans in the early 19th Century on the pretense of providing literacy for all.   Going on two centuries now, the public school system has dominated the field of education, to the point […]

MYTHBUSTERS CASE#2: “I Don’t Have The Skills To Teach My Older Children At Home”

Homeschooling preschoolers is a manageable responsibility for the typical  young mother.  Most of us can read, write and compute, so communicating the basics of these skills to our little ones is normally not too difficult. When they hit junior high however, it often becomes a different story.  “I don’t have the required skills to teach […]

MYTHBUSTERS CASE#1: What Public School Grads Say Was Missing

HERE’S WHAT PUBLIC SCHOOL GRADS SAY WAS MISSING IN THEIR EDUCATION Portland Oregonian, April 1, 2007 In A Review By Dennis Oliver Woods, Headmaster King’s Way Classical Academy ONLY $500 TUITION PER YEAR Free Consultation: 1-(888)-714-5741 Susan Nielsen’s fascinating analysis of what’s missing from the high school curriculum concluded, “Please teach students how to […]

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