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MythBusters Case #8 :Does America Really Need an “Education President”?

We’ve heard this siren song for decades.  The snake oil of public education has a track record for lining the pockets of union bosses and school administrators who are willing to play ball with them.  The financial backing comes from the estates of middle class families, many barely making it, to support these ne’er-do-well leaches.  […]

MythBusters Case#7: One Generation to Go, Then the End

FBI founder and director J. Edgar Hoover once stated, “Children brought up in Sunday school are seldom brought up in court.”  But does this hold true, today?  We currently live in a different world.  45 minutes of Sunday school cannot compare with 30 hours of curriculum designed to mould children to fit a brand new […]

MythBusters Case#6: The College Conspiracy

The question of college is a pressing concern for most high school students:  to go, or not to go, that is the question.  Inevitably they come face to face with one of the most persistent myths in American education today.  Don’t miss “The College Conspiracy”  documentary at the Biblical Concourse of Home Universities.  It will […]

MythBusters Case#5: A Color Blind Society?

The spirit of “peace and luv” from the never never land of the 1960’s have left us tripping in fairyland.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was suppose to move America toward a colorblind society.  it forced the “race” question off all Job applications, and guess what?  Affirmative action forced it back on.  Nor was […]

Mythbusters Case#4 Is Theistic Evolution Compatible with Christianity?

“Back to school” is the perennial slogan we hear every fall.  But this year we find a new spin not far beneath the surface.  It’s a new “Christian” approach to evolution.  It is designed to emasculate Christianity by removing the proverbial chip from its shoulder.  “Peace talks” with an unprecedented compromise are now being offered. […]

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